The Tagore Troop

The Past is Never Far

The Year 650 in the Age of Man: As the Sun’s beams glared off the early morning mist covering the open field, King Kondrex couldn’t help but squint as he surveryed the land, imagining it would soon be soaked by rivers of life flowing from those who opposed him. “This continent has been left to run wild for far too long,” he said plainly, to no one in particular though his attendant was the only one present to hear the king’s thoughts. “With all manner of creatures running wild and pitiful men fighting meager wars amongst themselves, it is no wonder that Man has been unable to thrive as the Elves or Dwarves do. Even the Gnomes and Haflings have a better time of it than we do. But that ends now.” The attendant opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it—if the King wanted another’s opinion, he would have summoned someone else to accompany him this morning. As it was, however, the attendant couldn’t help but think that there had to be an easier, a better way, that there must be something to be learned from these ancient, thriving folk of the Forest and Mountains as one would learn from a mother and father. But he was not the King, so what did he know of it. Kondrex turned his horse around and rode back toward the camp. His army was ready. It was time. As he rode into camp, a plot that was at least twice the size of the day’s battlefield, the vision of the morning light dancing off the plates of armor did not hurt him as did the fog, but instead it filled him with pride, courage, and a sense of honor and glory that this is what he was meant to do. And as his attendants pulled the final straps on his armor tight, he knew this was his destiny. He stepped from his tent to find a sea of men, his men, in shining armor cheering for their king and ready to fight. It was his time.

Kondrex would go on to unite the continent under one banner, his banner, that of the Kingdom of Erol, in only 23 years.  The King was aggressive even to the merry folk of the land, the Gnomes and Haflings, and demanded they pay tribute and recognize him as their ruler.  The King's actions enraged the Elves who valued freedom above all else, and the Dwarves, a very wary race, came to flat out distrust him and withdrew deep into their mountain fortresses.  Kondrex, who after his campaign earned the title "The Heavy Hammer", fought his way through the Southern Kingdoms easily and by the time he turned his attentions to the North, none stood in his way.  The bards say that even the mighty Dwarves, The Masters of Metal and Children of the Stone, and the graceful, deadly Elves, The Tree Weavers and Children of the Wild, withdrew to their secluded keeps before the shadow of the Heavy Hammer could darken their doors and blot out the Sun in their eyes.  One-hundred and forty years later, the people still sing the praises of Kondrex "the Heavy Hammer" because he brought mankind into the dominant position in the land, but Erol has been faced with lack-luster kings for the last five generations.  Now the power of the King of Erol is in question and many wonder if the Reign of Man is going to crumble back into the many squabbling kingdoms that once occupied the land, but with the young, ambitious Prince Ristan ascending to the throne, the people are hopeful for the future of the Kingdom.
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